About Groupama-AVIC

Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd is a joint venture company between two multinational corporations - Groupama S.A. and Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC). As a general insurer, it offers clients with quality services of agriculture, commercial property, individual property, motor, cargo, health and accident insurance.

Groupama AVIC devotes to becoming the bridge for Sino-French exchange and the model for Sino-French cooperation. It has also received high attention from the leaders of the two governments. On November 4th, under the witness between former French President Sarkozy and former Chinese President Hu Jintao, AVIC Group and Groupama S.A. signed the cooperation agreement. On April 25th 2013, AVIC Group and Groupama S.A. signed another agreement about increasing the company’s capital and strengthening partnership under the witness of French President Hollande and Chinese President Xi Jinpin.

By making full use of Groupama S.A.’s hundred years of experience in agriculture insurance as well as AVIC Group’s highly developed technology advantages, Groupama AVIC strives for model innovation, channel innovation, product innovation and service innovation for the benefit of our clients and the society.

Words from the chairman

From the day of its establishment, Groupama AVIC was born to be an extraordinary company. Under the witness of two terms of presidents from China and France, Groupama AVIC works diligently with great perseverance for promoting the friendship between China and France, becoming a model of cooperation between Chinese and French people.

With a strong background, under AVIC’s mission of “industry nurturing agriculture”, introducing hundred years of experience of Groupama S.A. in agriculture insurance and inheriting the essence of corporate culture of its two shareholders, Groupama AVIC confirms its position to become a first class insurance brand since the beginning of its establishment.

Taking a specialized development approach, the company hopes to grow into a world class specialized agriculture insurance company. Based on serving agriculture, farmers and rural areas, Groupama AVIC makes contributions to the new agriculture insurance innovation pilot sites in China through R&D of many innovative agriculture insurance products to fill the gap of the national market. During past natural disasters, the company has always been active in disaster rescue work and donations, which received positive feedbacks from the public.

The company also stresses on innovation development. Through integration of an innovation system between “brand value, business model and market network”, Groupama AVIC advocates the new philosophy of agriculture insurance from protecting the cost to protecting the yield, the price, the income and the life, striving to offer word class high quality insurance protection for our clients.

We insist on an open development strategy of “only cooperative partners, no competitive opponents”. With the collaborative spirit of insurance, Groupama AVIC hopes to establish a cooperative relationship with friends from various sectors and to build a glorious future.

Company history

June 2003, Groupama S.A. was approved by CIRC to start the non-life insurance business.

October 26th 2004, Groupama S.A. Chengdu branch was established.

October 26th 2004, Groupama Chengdu signed the bancassurance cooperation with ABC, starting the commercial property insurance and personal property insurance business.

March 27th 2007, Groupama was approved by CIRC to start the health insurance business.

February 27th, approved by CIRC to start the commercial auto insurance business.

June 20th 2008, approved by CIRC to start the cargo transportation insurance business.

September 3rd 2008, approved by CIRC to start the personal accident insurance business.

November 14th 2008, approved by CIRC to start the fire public liability insurance business.

October 19th 2009, founded the first Agricultural and rural insurance research center in China with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

November 4th 2010, Witnessed by president HU Jintao and president Sarkozy, AVIC and Groupama signed the cooperation agreement about founding a joint venture.

December 31st 2010, CIRC approved that Groupama S.A. Chengdu branch transformed into a wholly owned subsidiary, and the name was changed to “Groupama (China) Co., Ltd”.

June 2nd 2011, CIRC approved that the registered capital of Groupama (China) Co., Ltd was increased to 500 million Yuan, AVIC subscribed the additional capital.

September 6th 2011, Groupama (China) Co., Ltd Jilin branch opened.

March 5th 2012, CIRC approved that the company’s name changes to “Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd”, the new address was changed to “Tianfu International Financial Center, Chengdu”.

July 29th 2012, Shanxi branch opened.

December 3rd 2012, Groupama AVIC was approved by CIRC to start the compulsory traffic insurance.

January 23rd 2013, The school bus service center of Jilin was founded by Education Department of Jilin, Public Security Department of Jilin, Communications Department of Jilin, Yutong bus and Groupama AVIC.

February 28th 2013, CIRC approved that Groupama AVIC Liaoning branch opened.

April 25th 2013, Witnessed by president XI Jinping and president Hollande, AVIC and Groupama signed another cooperation agreement in insurance domain.

August 16th 2013, The Sea Cucumber Association respectively signed the blanket insurance and reinsurance agreement with CFMI Association and Groupama AVIC, which is the first deal of sea cucumber aquaculture insurance in China.

September 4th 2013, Groupama AVIC launched the yak livestock insurance business in Hongyuan.

December 6th 2013, The “car nanny service platform”, founded by Groupama AVIC Jilin branch, Jilin Huanqi and Jilin Reawin, was launched in Changchun.

January 22nd 2014, Heilongjiang branch opened.

January 27th 2014, CIRC approved that the registered capital of Groupama AVIC increased to 1 billion Yuan.

August 1st 2014, Groupama AVIC and Forestry Department of Sichuan signed the strategic cooperation agreement for the construction of forest disaster and loss prevention system.

Company strategy

corporate vision

Leading the innovation of risk management

Forging the first class agriculture insurance company

development path

Regarding the agriculture insurance as the entry point; enhancing the two core competitive edge-capital and manpower; implementing the 3-step strategy-initiate, develop and explode; strive to develop agriculture, high-tech, public and AVIC insurance business.