Company culture & Corporate responsibility

Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision

Leading the innovation of risk management Forging the first class agriculture insurance company


Dedicated to agriculture, Protection first, Value creation, Pursuit of Excellence


Integrity, Undertaking, Innovation, Surpass


Devoting, Pesisting, Fighting, Dedicating

Song of Groupama-AVIC

Librettist: Mr.Yang Qingcai

Composer: Mr. Yang Bailin

Spread a pair of iron wings, and play a wonderful song.

Take off into the endless sky, infinite high.

Sacred mission on its shoulders and spreading the dreams of friendship.

For safe skies, safe earth, safe people and a safe country,

Flying—making people’s lives brighter.

A country’s essence is agriculture and people’s heaven is food.

For a good harvest of the ground;for people’s healthy lives;

For world peace; for the lasting happiness of five continents.

Dedicates—Groupama AVIC people’s noble sentiments.

Indicates—Groupama AVIC people’s highest honour.

Social responsibility

The company supports actively the local economic development, and integrates into the local economic development to promote the local economic transition.

In May 2013, in cooperation with the Anyue County, Ziyang, Sichuan, we built the Anyue Industry Park of agricultural modernization, and made lemon industry as a model to promote the standardization of agricultural production, planting and deep processing services.

The industry park is expected to provide more than 10,000 jobs, leading a household income increase for 40,000 Yuan in average and an annual output value of 130 million Yuan.

The overall output of the park will reach 960 million Yuan.

On June 4, 2013, we launch the discussion with the Sichuan Aba government on strategic cooperation to construct the local forest protection system, and to carry out the innovation of new agricultural insurance products, promote forest, ecological industry and local tourism.

Adhered to the "fast claim, protection first" concept. 2013, the company has settled 372 million Yuan agricultural insurance claims while the outstanding claims are 160 million Yuan. We extracted 33.73 million Yuan as catastrophe risk reserves. We also invested 6.22 million Yuan in loss prevention and 5.10 million Yuan in development of innovative agricultural insurance products.

In the case of major natural disasters, we compensate as soon as possible to help the affected farmers to resume production capacity. After the Ya’an earthquake in 2013, the indemnity for Mr.Liao, a Qionglai farmer, became the first case of Ya'an earthquake’s policy agricultural insurance indemnity; in "7.9" storm floods in Sichuan, the payment amounted to 22.01 million Yuan. And in "8.16" flood disaster in Liaoning, the cumulative compensation is 12.6 million Yuan.

We also organized donations of our staff to help policyholders against the disaster. After the Sichuan earthquake in 2013, we organized our staff to donate rice and contribute money to the struck area. In August, September and December 2013, the company donated respectively 100,000 Yuan to the struck areas of Baishan rainstorm, the flood of Meihekou City, Jilin Province, the Qian’an earthquake for the reconstruction work.

In addition, the company is actively involved in foreign economic and cultural activities to promote international cooperation of local governments.

In support of Groupama France, "Sino-French Film Festival" has been held seven years in a row. In 2013, we sponsored the eighth "Festival Croisement". In 2014, the company became the sponsor of an important series of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, covering more than 400 great events in the field of economy, innovation, technology, science, education, tourism and culture.

From June to October, 2013, the company actively participate in the investment docking activities themed "city of tomorrow, future market" co-organized by the French Embassy and the local governments in Nanning, Harbin and Shenyang. Those activities are warmly welcomed by the local authorities.

Groupama AVIC pushes onward eight in SK TowerBadminton Game

1st November 2014, Goupama AVIC participated in the SK Tower Badminton Game in the Olympic Sports Center, and gained a great result of final eight.

64 teams, respectively standing for the companies in the SK Tower, joined the game. The team leader of Groupama AVIC SHANG Zhu led her 5 other team members to take part in the match.

Finally, Groupama AVIC was halted eight. Although Groupama AVIC team failed in the quarter finals, they still showed the tenacious spirit and brought honor to the company.

Moreover, this game promoted the communication between companies and the friendship between staffs, reflected the rich spare time of employees, and also strengthened the cohesiveness between company and employees.